Sunday, December 10, 2017

Quick trip to San Fran

This year's December miles trip was to San Francisco! (See other December miles trips to New Orleans and to Maui) and I'd never been, but Jason always said I would love it, so we finally went!  I could probably split up the trip into 3 highlights: 1) Alcatraz, 2) Biking Trip and 3) Around San Fran.

1) Alcatraz - we did the requisite trip to Alcatraz and I wasn't really expecting to learn so much or find it so interesting, but it was a real highlight of the trip.  The idea that these prisoners could hear the partying happening on the shores of San Francisco from their tiny cells was chilling; seeing all of the escape attempts were mind boggling; and learning how the prison system was run was so interesting.

Ferry to Alcatraz island

Tiny cells...

...stacked on top of each other

The only way to see visitors

One escape included a fake head and tunnel out.

2) Biking Trip - probably our favorite part of the trip was the 5 hour bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausalito, through Old Mill Park and along the beautiful bay to Tiburon where we took the ferry back to San Francisco while watching the sunset over the bridge.  It was absolute perfection! 

We're off to bike across that bridge.
Reward for our hard work, lunch in Sausalito :)

The beautiful bay back.
Waiting for the ferry.

Sunset on the ferry back... 

3) Around San Francisco - We really loved just walking around the city and seeing all it had to offer.  We did everything touristy and didn't care.

The food was delicious everywhere.

What a beautiful Christmas tree.