Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting Friends in Puerto Rico

Grabbing lunch at the beach bar.
We planned an impromptu trip to Puerto Rico to spend some time together before Jade graduated high school, I started working like crazy, and Jason left for a bunch of business trips.

I love renting an apartment (like we did in Paris) so we could cook some meals ourselves and live like a local... boy did we!

While there we visited Ivonne and Eric, who live in paradise.  They took us to a very local night out, with live music, people dancing in the streets, bar hopping, and FUN.  That's them waving in the video.  It was one of the coolest nights out ever.  There was live music everywhere, cheap rum punches, and tons of people just chatting, dancing, and laughing in the streets.  The video doesn't capture it, but it's the best we could do.

Jade and I shopped in Old San Juan while Ivonne worked and Jason and Eric golfed one day.

I bought the most beautiful handmade earrings and Jade and I stopped for some lunch and cocktails (hers was a virgin margarita).

The real adventure of the trip was a zip-line and waterfall rappelling tour in the rainforest.  What a rush!

That's Jade rappelling down a 90 foot waterfall!!!
Zip-lining, can't capture the fun in pictures!

Thanks for having us, guys!  Can't wait until next time!

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