Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anniversary Trip to Italy

We began our journey in Venice...

After landing in the airport, we took the train onto the island of Venice and as we walked from the platform out to the main entrance, the grand canal unfolded before us and even Jason, the jaded world traveler whose answer to everything is always, "I’ve seen that before," couldn’t help but stop and smile. It was like nothing we imagined and yet everything we thought it would be. 

We took a Vaporetto (a water bus, essentially) to our hotel, took a little nap, then started walking around. We had an amazing lunch and just took in the marvel of a city built on canals. We had heard it smelled bad there, but it didn’t at all and it was very clean, with street venders out cleaning their sidewalks every morning. Venice has no real industry left except for tourism, which made this a very expensive city, like a Disneyland, they jack up the prices and the rich tourists keep coming and spending. It was also a good city to start our trip into Italy as neither of us speaks Italian, but everyone in Venice speaks English.

 It was very romantic... We strolled though St Mark’s square, walked to the Rialto bridge (right), crossed the bridge of sighs, and we did the requisite gondola ride through the quiet canals (our gondolier even sang for us). It really was beautiful.

For more pictures, visit flikr...

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