Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sailing the Caribbean

Day 2: Cap Juluca to St Thomas Today we spent the day enjoying the resort and the weather. It started with breakfast on our terrace, then we headed to the beach for the day. Not sure why the sand doesn't look white in these pictures, bit the sand was whiter and rather water was lighter...  

Breakfast on our terrace

Relaxing on the beach

Jason's in the water, can you spot him?

We had a 6:10pm flight to St Thomas so we checked out and left the hotel for the teeny tiny Anguilla airport. You really have to understand "island time" -- even at the airport. Our flight was nearly an hour late and there was not a mention about it. We just waited and eventually we took off. It was all very relaxed.  

The smallest "airport" we've ever been to

We arrived in St Thomas at night, so we really couldn't get a feel for the island, we checked into our hotel, grabbed a quick dinner, and headed back to bed. Tomorrow we sail!

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