Monday, August 12, 2013

Sailing the Caribbean

Days 10-11: Bitter End Yacht Club, Anegada

We were so happy to sacrifice a stop at Willie T's for another day at the Bitter End, it's really quite beautiful. 

Our boat at Bitter End

We started the day Saturday with a hike after breakfast which was a lot of fun. 

We climbed to the top and back, Then we headed to the boat, jumped into the water for a quick swim, and went to the Bitter End for a yummy lunch, blog posting, and napping. 

We found out that for the cost of a mooring ball we could get free water and ice next door, so we headed over to fill our tanks and found this cute bar. Happy hour was until 6, so we moved faster than we have the whole trip to get there before it was over. 

Back to the boat for more drinks, dinner and a good night's sleep because...

Sunday morning Ian and I woke up at 6:30 and got the sails up with great winds as we put civilization behind us and headed for the desert island of Anegada.  Leah and Jason woke up about halfway there and we enjoyed the open sailing for about 2 hours until we reached this, the island of Anegada. It's a flat, scrubby island with about 200 people on it despite being the second largest of the BVI. 

Seriously amazing.

We frolicked on this beautiful beach for a bit and Ian suggested we pack a lunch and go of a walk. He remembered there was a bar about 2 hour walk away along the beach. Great idea, right? Let me just inform you that Ian is a 7 time world champion adventure racer. Google him. Ian Adamson. So we set off for a little walk suggested by Ian, the adventure racer. 

We stumbled on this little bar after having our lunch and a snooze on the beach after 4 miles/ 2 hours.

Did we stop here and get a taxi back? Nope. Ian said his bar was "just around the corner". Famous last words

We did find an awesome conch shell along the way,

Lots of birds,

A cow,

And nothing else.... For miles and miles.... We walked 10 miles, around lots of "corners" and saw no one. That's right, I said 10 miles. 5 hours of walking with no shade in the sand and rocks and water.

Here's the island. We walked from Ian's finger, left, up and over to well past the word Anegada. Too long for non 7 time world champion adventure racers.

We were down to no water, one power bar, and zero patience, when FINALLY, around the next corner we found the bar! Pretty cool, and the famous Foxy of Jost Van Dyke was drinking there and treated us to some rhymes while we waited for our well deserved lobster and drinks. 

My successful shell collecting

Foxy! From the cover of the Virgin Island tourism book (we didn't want to paparazzi him with a picture).

Lobster dinner

We got the taxi back to our boat, enjoyed more food, wine, and lots of laughs before we hit the bed for more early sailing the next day. Our trip is nearing its end and I'm so sad I could cry. 

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