Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sailing the Caribbean

Days 8-9:  Peter Island, The Baths, Bitter End Yacht Club
We spent all of Thursday on Peter Island, a private island with nothing but this one luxury resort on it (and us docked off their shore). We woke up and decided to go for a hike before our massages. Again our athletic friends hiked and ran, but we just hiked, it was steep!

e could get used to these views!

As we were heading along, we saw Ian and Leah on their run back, so I decided to turn around and join them for the rest of their run. We three ran down the mountain and headed to the boat to grab our stuff for the spa and the real showers! Jason hates running and hates running downhill even more, so he just walked back and met us at the shore after we packed up. 

Jason took this waiting for us. 

Time for massages and facials!

While Jason was relaxing by the pool and watching the Phillies on his phone 

We all joined him by the pool and hot tub, then took real showers and got dressed for a late lunch/ early dinner at the restaurant on the water  

Then we headed back to the boat for drinks, laughs and music while Ian baked us some yummy gluten free brownies. Brilliant! 
Ian also taught us that the highly concentrated gusts of wind aimed at us were called bullets. What we didn't count on was that was going to happen all night - after the generator failed so we had no a/c. Awesome night of sleep. 

Jason wanted to see the Rhone wreck, so Ian and I got up and sailed us over for an early morning snorkel while Leah and Jason slept in a little. The Rhone was a ship that sank off the shore of Peter Island in the 1800s and is now sitting at the bottom of the sea. 

After some cool snorkeling and a quick stop at Tortola for gas, we were on our way to The Baths. 

How cool! We swam out to these rocks and climbed all through them. 

Jumping from rock to pool

Then walked along a little path to some private little beaches and played a bit in the water. 

We swam back to the boat 

and head out to sail to our next anchorage, The Bitter End Yacht Club. I got to sail us there. With some great winds, what fun!!!!

Pulling into Bitter End

Once there, we decided to head up to one of the bars and as we walked around the grounds, Jason fell in love. We liked it even better than Peter Island, so we decided to stay another day on Saturday instead of getting up and heading to Anagada in the morning. After drinks at the lovely beach bar, we headed back to our boat for a dinner of grilled fish tacos and then went to sleep excited for our next day! 

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